How to Clear Your Skin

Your skin and face are what people see first when you converse with them. You can build confidence and feel great about your appearance when you have clear skin.

You may be dealing with redness or blemishes regularly and are wondering how to clear your skin. The following tips and best practices will ensure you can achieve clearer skin and, in turn, look and feel your best.

The Importance of A Skincare Routine

Being able to successfully clear your skin all begins with establishing a skincare routine and using reputable skincare products. It’s essential to keeping your skin in good condition. You must put in the effort it takes to have glowing skin. You’re continuously shedding skin cells during the day so you need to make sure you properly address this reality. When you get into a regular skincare routine that works for you, you can prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and overall get clearer-looking skin to be proud of.

Get in the Habit of Washing Your Face

Naturally, quickly, and effectively get clear skin at home by washing your face twice daily. Not only wash it twice daily but then also do so after sweating or working out. You risk making acne worse if you leave sweat on your skin and let it dry continuously. If you’re someone who exercises regularly then get in the habit of washing your face right after sweating. You also should wash your face first thing in the morning after sleeping and then again at night before bed to remove your makeup. Ideally, it’s best to avoid hot water which can dry out and damage your skin. Instead, opt for lukewarm water when you wash your face.

Schedule a Facial

woman lying down getting a facial treatment with brown clay

If you’re someone who touches your face a lot or picks then you must stop doing so right away. Instead, schedule a facial and let a professional help you get clearer skin fast. There are several benefits that come with getting facials regularly that will be worth your money and time. For instance, what it does is circulate the blood flow under the skin so that skin cells can be renewed. You’ll also likely notice that your face becomes less puffy after a facial. A facial will help rid toxins on your skin and instead ignite oxygen, and proteins, and bring nutrition to the skin. It’s an effective way to relieve dehydrated skin, reduce fine lines, and address age spots. It’s not only a relaxing activity but you’ll simply feel better about your skin after having a facial.  

Take Good Care of Yourself

Your lifestyle and ensuring your diet and sleep routine is good quality also play a role in how clear your skin appears. A full night’s rest in combination with a nutritious diet will do wonders for your skin. Try to avoid fried foods and excess sugar and instead consume a diet rich in nutrients and lean proteins. You’ll likely find that you sleep better at night when you eat right and that you don’t have as many breakouts to deal with on your skin. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated which can aid in keeping your skin cells healthy and glowing. Taking good care of yourself will help clear your skin and reduce stress which is another culprit of skin issues.

Invest in the Right Products

If you want clear skin then you must be willing to invest in the right products that will allow you to achieve this goal. Use gentle cleansing skin products and devices and always wear sunscreen daily. You must protect your skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun to keep it looking attractive. There are all sorts of different products that may work for you such as serums, toners, cleansers, and exfoliators. Also, invest in a decent daily and nighttime moisturiser to keep your skin healthy and bright. You might want to consider using natural makeup products, and it’s important that you get in the habit of washing your makeup brushes.


These are some practical and effective tips on how to clear your skin. The result will be glowing and blemish-free skin along with a boost of self-confidence. You’ll love what you see in the mirror each day and will be motivated to continue your skincare routine when you get the outcome you desire. 

While there are some techniques you can do at home by yourself, it’s also a good idea to use in-person treatments such as facials as well as online skincare products that we offer here at Crystal Clear Skin. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have questions about our products or want to schedule an appointment.